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The hunt for the best concepts & visualization of a 3D Environment for Gaming & the Metaverse! 

The Internet and everything that makes up the creator economy is evolving into the "Metaverse", a multi-dimensional, immersive virtual world that will unleash the creativity of millions.


For spatial designers, the Metaverse is a virgin territory full of possibilities, and a Utopia without the constraints of the physical world.


Challenge Duration - 3rd Feb to 20th Feb

What you need to do

  1. Click on Apply now to register yourself or your team

  2. Create a 3D Environment on Max, Maya or Blender

  3. Texture and bake lights using the software of your choice

  4. Upload it on Google Drive and send the link to us on clearly mentioning your name, college name, your course, & your current year.

1st prize       INR 15,000

2nd prize    INR 10,000

3rd prize     INR 7,500


Total Cash prizes worth ₹32,500!

Paid Internship and Placement Opportunities! 

Our Judging Criteria

Judges will pay attention to the creativity and the visual component of your works, but this is not all that you need to win.


The idea and theme of the work is also very important for the jury, as well as its presentation, and quality of performance.

Also, multiple entries allowed per individual / team!

Get in touch with us!

A no code platform to enable next 100 million 3D designers to build and sell spatial designs in the metaverse. Through a no-code 3D creation platform that's powerfully simple, cloud-based; real-time and collaborative.


Email us at:

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More Details

About Us

Our Judgement Criteria


Who is this for?

  • Students/Young Enthusiasts working on 3D Software across Gaming, VFX and Animation

  • Individuals or teams (up to 3 contestants per team)

  • No entry fee!

Categories for entries

  • Fantasy Open Environment

  • Cyberpunk Game Battle Arenas

  • Otherworldly Office Meet-up Rooms

  • Futuristic Exhibition/Museum Space

  • Postmodern Online Event spaces

  •  Product Launch Arenas

  • and more in the Rulebook.

Exclusive Benefits

  • A chance to list and sell your designs on,  world’s first 3D environment marketplace

  • Cash prizes for top three places

  • Internship opportunities

  • Potential job offers

  • A certificate of participation for all qualifying entries

More Details

About us

With Convrse, we want to democratize 3D Space creation for the next generation of creators by simplifying this highly technical process. 

We are enabling individual creators with powerful tools to build, package, export and NFTify their Spatial Designs.

What TikTok did for video creation and distribution, we are doing for Metaverse Spaces.

Our Marketplace

For Design References, check out the Convrse Marketplace

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