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A no code platform to enable next 100 mn 3D designers to build and sell spatial designs in the metaverse

Through a no-code 3D creation platform 


that's powerfully simple, cloud-based;

real-time and collaborative.

The Metaverse is coming

The creator economy as we know it, will completely transform in the next 5 years. By 2026, over 100x more visual content will be generated as compared to all of human history combined.

The Internet and everything that makes up the creator economy is evolving into the "Metaverse", a multi-dimensional, immersive virtual world that will unleash the creativity of millions.


Owing to this tectonic shift, by 2027, 95% of the visual content being created globally will be computer-generated 2D or 3D content.

The evolution has already begun!

Serge Belongie

Professor Computer Science,

University of Copenhagen - DIKU

Technology will make it possible for even a 6 year old to create photorealistic virtual worlds of their imagination to hang out with their friends.

Dave Smiddy

Former Head of Product, 

Intel Studios

Twenty years from now Earth's population will be 30 billion...10 billion will be us, the real humans. 20 billion will be our digital humans.

Alex Kane
and CEO,


Mixed reality will become largest art form when tools are democratized and creators can have access to them, not just production studios and artists with six figure budgets.

The next major wave of digital revolution -- the Metaverse -- is rapidly approaching.

It's time to prepare...

But right now, creating 3D content is extremely difficult.

Foundational Elements to Build the Metaverse

Enter Convrse…

With Convrse, we want to democratize 3D Space creation for the next generation of creators by simplifying this highly technical process. 

We are enabling individual creators with powerful tools to build, package, export and NFTify their Spatial Designs.

What TikTok did for video creation and distribution, we are doing for Metaverse Spaces.

While there are a few modern workflows available for 3D assets creation, there are hardly any for 3D spatial Design. That is what we are building.

3D content has two building blocks:

3D Models

Models include objects, avatars, product prototypes, manufacturing designs etc.

3D Spaces

Spaces include Architectural design, Game Levels, Simulation Environments, Interior Designs, Landscapes, Movie Sets concepts, Urban Planning etc.

3D Spatial design is HUGE!

For spatial designers, the Metaverse is a virgin territory full of possibilities, and a Utopia without the constraints of the physical world.

Metaverse will need experiences like virtual amusement parks, virtual movie theatres, virtual concerts, virtual casinos, virtual schools, virtual conferences, anything you can name it. 

3D artists  can create unique designs backed with NFT for people who like to collect one-of-a-kind spaces.

Creators can also build digital assets like cities, buildings, landscapes, and sell them multiple times to virtual worlds, games, and movies. 

Virtual land in the online world Decentraland are selling for more than $2,400,000 a piece.

Toronto-based artist Krista Kim has sold the first NFT-backed digital home for over half a million dollars.

Over 1 million properties have been sold in the UPLAND Metaverse.

$100 mn+ of Metaverse Plots were sold in a week in Nov 2021.


Developed no-code workflows to evolve 3d spatial design publishing from static to interactive.


Enabling real-time text, voice and video collaboration in these spaces.


Making 3D spaces exportable using AI-photogrammetry for anyone to license using NFTs to build experiences.


Building cloud tools to simplify the overly technical 3D space creation process.

How we're building it

There are 4 key things we will be doing:

We're domain experts in 3D spatial design. Here's why.

200+ Spatial Design Projects. 


60+ Enterprise Clients.


Helped sell unbuilt spaces 20% faster and at uptown 8% premium prices.

Developed 17 million sq ft+ of Virtual spaces.

40+ years of team experience in Spatial Design.

Built an active community of 4500 builders, architects and interior designers.

Improved decision making for 600,000+ property buyers.

1100+ creators from 12 countries are already using it.

1800+ interactive spatial designs have been built on our platform already.

Creator Economy in the Metaverse is a $140 bn+ opportunity.

From the exisiting 30 Mn spatial designers to the next 100 Mn who'll join in the next 5 years, we want to streamline and manage the supply of Spatial Designs to the Metaverse

Demand for 3D skills has increased 601% faster than the job market overall.

Pandemic has made remote collaboration standard, and 13+ hours of screen time the new normal.

Facebook has invested $10 billion this year, hoping to take Metaverse to a BILLION people.

27 Million attended the Travis Scott metaverse concert live.

6 Billion - Times Roblox's top visited experience Adopt Me! has been experienced.